What We Do

Our mission is to build bridges between generations and help prevent loneliness: we provide elderly people with an opportunity to avoid social isolation and remain active in their community by taking them out on bike rides and allow them to feel the wind in their hair!

For Our Passengers

Just a few comments from our thousands of passengers, elderly and/or disabled of all ages, demonstrate the life-enhancing difference that is being made by our chapters, our volunteers, our supporters and Cycling Without Age Australia itself:

“It was lovely to travel down the trails again that we knew so well from our earlier bike riding days! Very enjoyable ride and good company”

“It is one of the best birthday presents. All the kids wishing me a happy birthday as we went past! What a great start to my day”

“I was born in 1931. My wife is 84 and takes me to this place so she has a break. I loved the bike”

“Get out of being stuck in a room. I used to come down here with my parents to swim at Pt Walter. It has changed a lot.”

“Can you take me to China….I want to keep going and not get out!”

“Definitely a 10 out of 10. I’m going to see if my Grandson can come and take me out another time as I thoroughly enjoyed it”

“Both passengers were non-English speaking, but we got a version of “Very Good” (as interpreted by Care Staff) as well as gorgeous smiles and thumbs up.

“That was terrific. I used to ride my bike always on dust roads in Merredin. I rode 3 miles to school and back each day and to see my friends. I loved it”

“Lovely ride with my husband. We have been married 70 years – I am very patient!”

With Our Volunteers

Cycling Without Age Australia simply could not function without our amazing volunteers, whether it’s Chapter Captains or Volunteer Pilots, Mechanics, Administrators or Trainers. So our other core aim is to do everything in our power to ensure that our volunteers get the most enjoyable and fulfilling experience possible from supporting Cycling Without Age Australia. Ask any one of the thousands of volunteers who’ve already got involved and s/he’ll almost certainly confirm that it is a truly amazing, uplifting and rewarding experience.

Here are just a few of the words used by a selection of volunteers recently asked to summarise their feelings about Cycling Without Age Australia:

“It gives me joy to see others enjoying themselves outdoors in the fresh air and not being stuck inside four walls”

“I love listening to the stories from our passengers….I always learn something new. They have lived through so much, seen so much change and have wisdom to share. It makes me laugh when many of them recall how they first bought land when it was a swamp infested bit of dirt, that was out in the boon-docks back in the early days around Attadale, and now they are glad they didn’t listen to the nay-sayers of the time!”

“Several times I had conversations with my passengers that have been life-affirming. I remember the old Irishman who couldn’t walk but could sing so he sang and quoted poetry all the way to the dog park and back.”

“The benefits are for us just as much as our passengers – I go home from my shift feeling happy that I have made a positive difference to someone else”

“I’m paying it forward, as this is what I want when I am older and can no longer ride myself!!!”

Using Our Trishaws

The Triobike

For trioBike Taxi and Van Raam trishaws, the authorised  dealer is Cargocycles.

Cargocycles is a bike shop specialising in trishaws, cargo bikes, load carrying bikes and trikes, as well as electric bicycles. Their cargo bike store has a huge range of bikes and trikes on the floor, dedicated cargo and electric bike servicing, and genuinely enthusiastic and passionate staff.    Visit webshop

The Nihola Taxi

Nihola Taxi CWA Disabled Bike Special Needs Passenger Bike

For the Nihola Taxi, the authorised dealer is Dutch Cargo Bike.

Dutch Cargo Bike is a pioneering Australian company specialising in the import, distribution and retail of high-end European eBikes.   Visit webshop.