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Cycling Without Age is a worldwide non-for-profit organisation founded i Copenhagen. Our concept is taking elderly and disabled people out for free bikerides in trishaws to include them in the local community and avoid social isolation. We are based in various cities and states all over Australia.

On this website, you can learn more about how to become a part of our team in Australia, whether it be as a pilot (riding the bike), community captain or partner/sponsor. You can also find information on how to book a free ride for yourself, your grandparents, your friends or other elderly people that you know!


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John loves travelling and has driven around Australia three times… over 176,000 Kms! But at 83 the years have finally caught up with him, and he has trouble getting around. He enjoyed a ride in the trishaw with his daughter:


“To get the ride that we did, and see what we did today was worth waiting 83 years for! … I’d have done it earlier if I knew it was around!


That trip was out of this world! It was really terrific. To be able to just sit there and go along. The water and the river on one side, all the beautiful homes on the other side … what we saw today is hard to see in a motorcar. Because of my age I don’t walk too much … you don’t see these things when you sit in a car, and that was… that was unreal today. Unreal.”


Nothing beats witnessing the joy of the elderly, pilots, carers, family members and volunteers interact on and around the trishaw and seeing the smiles of passengers coming back from their first ride with wind in their hair, full of smiles and stories.

Support Cycling Without Age in Australia with your donation today.  Fundraising efforts will help buy the trishaws and cover expenses associated with their operation. Help us make that happen with your tax deductible donation today – in time for the end of the financial year!




Starting a chapter in your local community

Getting started with a Cycling Without Age chapter is an amazing experience. Nothing beats witnessing the joy of the elderly, pilots and personnel interact on and around the trishaw and seeing the smiles of passengers coming back from their first ride with wind in their hair, rosy cheeks and full of stories. We love to experience the movement of Cycling Without Age spreading all over the world and always welcome more to join.

We have launched a simple Affiliate model for communities, nursing homes, cities and individuals worldwide to become part of the movement. We already have a wealth of experience in working with nursing home staff and management, city councils, other volunteer organizations, cyclists federations as well as great ideas of how to get the initiative off the ground and locals excited.


Find out how it all started in Copenhagen




  • Established in 2012 in Copenhagen
  • Represented in 42 countries worldwide
  • 1,200 chapters
  • 2,000+ trishaws
  • 12,000+ trained cycle pilots
  • Over 60,000 elderly people have been on rides
  • Oldest pilot is 89 and oldest passenger 106
  • Our trishaws cycle 2.2 million km a year or 53 times around the world
  • Coffee friends
  • Chapters with trishaws
  • New chapters fundraising for trishaws

The BikeWeek event celebrated RAAFA as the first aged care home in WA to have their own trishaw

Six young Danish men helping the elderly in Australia

Six young Danish men have dedicated their gap year to helping the elderly in Australia feel the wind in their hair.It's part of an effort to spread the word about a movement that started in Denmark, called 'Cycling Without Age'.

Publicado por WIN News Canberra em Quarta-feira, 27 de setembro de 2017