Becoming a pilot


Pilots are our volunteers riding the trishaw bikes. As a pilot, you can make a difference in a rewarding community while meeting new people and even getting free exercise. Without your help and engagement, Cycling Without Age would simply not exist.


How it works


Every community in Australia has different guidelines for becoming a pilot. Contact the community, you want to be a part of, to sign up or get more information. Our pilots are everyone from directors to senior citizens and students. We will happily provide you with the details, you need, to become a part of Cycling Without Age!


You can also contact us directly at our main email:


The trishaw

The bicycle used is a trishaw with two passenger seats in the front. It is easy to learn how to use the trishaw, and it’s electric so you don’t need to worry too much about your physical condition. Learn more about the bike in the video below.

Craig Douce photography





Learn more about how to participate in Cycling Without Age Australia here


More info about pilot training

All chapters worldwide have developed pilot training based on principles made for the safety of both passenger and pilot: Click here for more videos of our training procedures