Becoming an Affiliate

If you have a desire to set up a chapter based on our guiding principles, we encourage you to become a Cycling Without Age Affiliate and a member of Cycling Without Age Australia.  This entitles your chapter to use the Cycling Without Age brand and also to tap into our national and global movement of like-minded people, who all help each other with getting started.  An Affiliate can be a nursing home, organisation, community group or an individual.

The steps Affiliates take towards getting a chapter up and running are typically:

  1. Determine community partners, passenger demand and trishaw routes
  2. Fundraise for trishaw purchase and ongoing operational costs
  3. Identify Community Captain(s) to facilitate trishaw operation
  4. Organise logistics, develop documentation, recruit and train pilots and market service to community
  5. Launch trishaw arrival and start giving elderly the right to wind in their hair in your community!

If you want to be a member of Cycling Without Age Australia and a Cycling Without Age Affiliate then contact